What a Laser Eyelid Lift Can Do for You

Are you pleased with your overall appearance but would love to add a little oomph to your overall look? Dr. Chernoff and his team at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery are here to help you attain the look you want, even if you are not quite ready for surgery! A laser eyelid lift can help you to regain a more youthful appearance that is natural and subtle and will have people asking you when you got back from vacation. This non-invasive procedure is the perfect way to give your face a boost that will create more vibrancy and vitality.
Who Is a Good Candidate for a Laser Eyelid Lift?
If you are pleased with your overall appearance but have noticed that your eyelids have developed a crepe-y look, or even appear to be sagging, this treatment can help to improve their appearance. Our eyes are the windows to our souls and are often the first feature that people notice about us. When you have hooded eyelids or your eyelids are beginning to sag due to age, you can become self-conscious about this area of your body. With a laser eyelid lift, you do not need to worry about surgery or lengthy recuperation times, you can have the results you want in no time at all!
Men and women who are in good overall health and are non-smokers are good candidates for this treatment. When you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will help to keep a fresh and beautiful appearance. This laser method is effective and requires less downtime than traditional eyelid surgery.
How Long Will My Results Last?
The results from your laser eyelid lift will be long-lasting. While most clients only need to have one course of treatment, that treatment may require multiple sessions. Every case is different, but generally, you will enjoy the results of your laser eyelid lift for many years to come! Our surgeon can discuss your desired outcomes with you and help you to better understand the results that you can expect from your eyelid lift. This treatment yields noticeable improvement almost immediately, and you will love the way that you look once your treatment is complete.
Want to learn more about how a laser eyelid lift at Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery can help to freshen your overall appearance? Contact the dedicated team at Dr. Chernoff’s office today to schedule your consultation today. We are conveniently located in Indianapolis and Santa Rosa. This simple and straightforward treatment can create a whole new outlook for you!