Is Volbella the Best Option for Fuller Lips?

When it comes to choosing the right type of filler to use for your lips, the best way for you to find out the right option for you is to learn about the treatments that are available and then speak with one of our experts. When you understand how a certain product works, you look at the pros and cons, and then you speak with the professional who will do the procedure, you are going to be in the best position to decide if a certain treatment is right for you or not. One of the most popular options that is currently available for lip injections is Volbella®. This is a Juvederm® product. In order for you to decide if this is the best option, take some time to learn about it below.
Volbella® is a dermal filler that is based on hyaluronic acid. It is a very smooth gel that allows for easy injections. And since this innovative filler is so smooth, it is able to produce consistent results. The great thing about this treatment is that the results it produces are natural-looking. So you are not going to have those puffy fish lips or a lot of swelling. Your lips are going to look soft, natural, and beautiful.
In order to qualify for Volbella® treatments, you need to feel unsatisfied with the way your lips currently look. Perhaps you were born with small or flat lips. Or perhaps the volume in your lips has diminished over time. This treatment can be used for men and women and for individuals who have all different skin types and skin colors.
Most individuals will be in our office for just minutes in order to have the treatment actually performed. As soon as the injections have been given, you are going to see the results. Your lips will be fuller and smoother. You do not have to follow any specific guidelines after your treatment.
You can go right back to work or most all of your normal activities after your injections. There is no need for you to take any time off from work or to go home and rest after the procedure.
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